The way PPCBird helps PPC specialists in Performio agency

Case Study

Introduction to Performio agency

We primarily concentrate on online performance campaigning. Our aims are campaigns with strictly defined rate of return of investments (ROI) in PPC or display ads. As a result of more than 15 years of experience in online marketing, we have got the essential knowledge, which we are able to share with our clients. We can state with certainty that there aren’t any problems we cannot unscramble. H/p>

Why do you use PPCBird?

Sandra: We use PPCBird because it allows us to create campaigns with optimized structures as well as letting us to construct them swiftly and with accuracy. Creating new campaigns with PPCBird saves us a lot of time, as you only need a few clicks to have your campaign ready.

Jan: Operating with PPCBird saves me a lot of time. I used to create my campaigns using Microsoft Excel, however that is luckily the past now since I believe it was a waste of people’s time and potential. You only need a few clicks when using PPCBird plus you are able to find your own favorite campaign structure.


Sandra: I mainly use the campaign builder option, because it suits me the best. I also love that we can use PPCBird’s new feature, the keywords research tool from Sklik.

Jan: I use URL BUILDER and KEYWORD COMBINATOR the most. The keyword combinator saves me loads of time. The keywords research tool from Sklik is a must have and certainly something everyone appreciates.

What is the biggest benefit of PPCBird?

Sandra: Whilst PPCBird does have some incredible benefits, such as the quick creation of campaigns or the combination of keywords research tool, I do believe that its biggest advantage is the face of the company, Vladimír Nagl, its founder. Particularly because Vladimír himself is a PPC specialist and he knows what we need for our work to be the most effective. I appreciate his helpful approach that he has towards PPC specialists and towards their ideas and suggestions regarding an improvement of the system. These ideas arise naturally as a result of the constant development of the PPCs.

Jan: I personally know Vladimír and I am certain that he acknowledges suggestions from other PPC campaign makers and takes them seriously. I also know that he’s been working with PPC ads for a long time and has created PPCBird in order to save us all some time that he himself has lost while looking for the most effective strategies.

How much time does PPCBird save you?

Sandra: When talking about a smaller campaign (let’s say less than 40 kw/add sets) I would say it saves me a few hours, because creating these campaigns lasts just a few minutes with PPCBird. Now imagine how much time it saves when creating bigger campaigns.

Jan: Creating a great PPC campaign isn’t a case of a few hours of preparations. It can take up to a few days, especially when you have to create new accounts. I choose to save my time using PPCBird and to focus on the more interesting parts of PPC campaigns.

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