Generate a campaign with hundreds of keywords in 4 easy steps. Step 1: Choose your campaign structure. Step 2: Keyword suggestion helps you choose the right links. Type in the keyword you are interested in and press ENTER. In the results, the user will find a list of keywords, their monthly searches and average cost-per-click. You can then click the line to add the word to your selection in the right window. You can also add your own words via CTRL + V to the keyword selection in the right window. Step 3: In this step, the user has the option to create 2-5 ads for each ad group. The ads will be the same for each ad group, so you might want to create smaller campaigns with similar keywords. The keyword will always be copied to Heading 1 and Path 1 and 2. Step 4: Enter your new ad campaign budget, cost-per-click, campaign name, and location targeting. In the left and column you can see what type of campaign layout is selected. In the middle column you can see previews of your ads. The result is an .csv file with an advertising campaign that is compatible and suitable for uploading to an advertising account through the Google Ads editor. Each keyword is in a separate ad group.